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About Us

ExodusPoint, founded in 2017 by Michael Gelband and Hyung Lee, began managing investor capital in 2018. The firm employs a global multi-strategy investment approach, seeking to deliver compelling asymmetric returns by combining complementary liquid strategies managed by experienced investment professionals within a robust risk framework. ExodusPoint brings together an accomplished team with hands-on experience running multi-manager businesses to create an institutional investment management firm.

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Highly experienced team with extensive hands-on knowledge of running a multi-manager business. Decades of experience identifying, recruiting, and managing talented investment professionals.

Senior Management Team biographies


Cost pass through structure designed to align interests between management and investors. Enhanced transparency across aspects of the business including performance analytics, risk reporting, and expenses. Significant investment into the fund by founding principals.


Seek highly diversified allocations to both fixed income and equity strategies. Focus on liquid instruments designed to allow active risk management.

Flexible Multi-Strategy

Our platform is designed to provide the resources, infrastructure, and support necessary to create an environment that enables our investment professionals to be most productive.


Michael Gelband and Hyung Lee have worked together for over 25 years at globally recognized financial institutions and have assembled a senior management team with decades of collective experience managing multi-asset investment teams. The majority of the senior management team have worked together in different roles for over 20 years, resulting in a cohesion that benefits the business.


The combination of fixed income and equity strategies is designed to offer a compelling risk adjusted return profile.

Fixed Income



ExodusPoint's Rates strategies largely operate in G7 rates, across major bond, swap, and futures markets, and include yield curve and relative value strategies, as well as short-end rates and inflation strategies.


ExodusPoint's Credit strategies are focused on liquid markets, and include fundamental long/short, credit index and options, macro credit, new issuance, and systematic credit trading.

em & macro

ExodusPoint's Macro strategies include fixed income across developed markets including rates, inflation, and commodities, as well as emerging market trading in rates, FX, and equities.

Statistical Arbitrage
& Systematic

ExodusPoint's Statistical Arbitrage & Systematic Strategies include diversified systematic strategies that operate across asset classes, as well as mid-frequency statistical arbitrage strategies.


ExodusPoint's Quantitative/Event Arbitrage strategies seek to capture anomalies due to passive market flows including index rebalancing and opportunities resulting from hard catalyst events such as IPOs, spin-offs, and share class arbitrage.


ExodusPoint's Equity Long/Short strategies are typically market and sector neutral and employ an active trading approach.

Asset Management

WestWind is a fundamental long/short equities business unit that was launched by ExodusPoint in 2022 to complement and expand ExodusPoint’s existing equity long/short business.

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Human capital is an important element of the multi-manager model. The culture of the firm is shaped by the senior management team’s core values of integrity and entrepreneurship. ExodusPoint strives to create a professional, results-driven, and collegial environment to attract best in class professionals across all facets of its business.

Investment Team

ExodusPoint’s platform is designed to attract and support experienced investment professionals across all liquid systematic and discretionary equity and fixed income strategies. The platform provides the capital, infrastructure, and intellectual resources required to ensure a frictionless environment that allows investment professionals to be most productive. To connect with the firm’s Business Development team regarding portfolio manager or analyst opportunities, please click here.

Business Team

ExodusPoint seeks motivated candidates with entrepreneurial spirit to join its team across all areas of the business. To connect with the firm’s Human Capital team regarding non-investment related opportunities, please click here.